Clotilde Jiménez is a visual artist, born in Honolulu and based in Mexico City. 


Jiménez’ work celebrates the nuances of being a queer and Afro-Latino male while exploring the limitations placed on the body in light of race, gender and sexuality. Although the experience behind Jiménez’s work is subjective, a level of universal symbolism is present, ultimately exploring rigid definitions of ‘Blackness.’


The artist emphasizes, “the work became a tapestry of my life that transcribes and reconstructs the societal idée fixe of the black body in popular culture, while also undermining the notions of gender normativity within a black subjectivity.” 


Jiménez has exhibited at The Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando; Phillips, New York; the Slade School of Fine Art, London; and the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle. He earned his MFA from The Slade School of Fine Art, and his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art.