Clotilde Jiménez
El Universal

Frida Juárez Bautista , El Universal, February 8, 2023

Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, a site for Afro-Mexican art

The gallery who specializes in bringing to light the work of African artists from around the world, was founded in 2019 and has locations in Paris and Chicago. Its Mexican headquarters will function differently from the rest, as it hopes to be a "laboratory" where its exhibitions will be more long-lasting, coexisting with a public program.
"I am very interested in Afro-Mexican culture, I am about to do more research on the African community in Mexico. We want to be a platform for Mexican artists. I think the city is very attractive to artists for economic reasons, the culture, the climate. All these aspects create an energy here and wherever artists go, collectors follow them," said Ibrahim.
This space opens with the first solo exhibition of artist Clotilde Jiménez (Honolulu, Hawaii, 1990), whose work has been shown in countries such as the United States, France and Qatar. The show is titled La memoria del agua (The memory of water), with which, through some twenty works including paintings with collage and ceramics, the artist reflects on her family, her faith and the freedom to exist in peace and free of prejudice.
In addition, there is a group show entitled Un Abrazo (An Embrace), with works by artists such as Peter Uka (Nigeria, 1975), Ian Mwesiga (Uganda, 1988), among others. Both exhibitions close on April 29.