Clotilde Jiménez

Victoria Woodcock, Elephant , March 17, 2022

Clotilde Jiménez is featured in Elephant Magazine. For his exhibition in Paris titled Un Nouveau Monde, the artist unveiled a new medium with a set of ceramic plates, exploring the interplay between companionship and spirituality.   


Titled Deux Ancêtres (Two Ancestors), the piece depicts two black female figures surrounded by floral motifs. “I describe the figures as my two ancestors who I have not forgotten. We eat food from their bodies because they are the source,” says Jiménez, adding that his aesthetic influences for the piece range from Picasso (“I learned a lot from studying his plates”) to Japanese ceramics and Mexican Talavera pottery. The ceramic know-how, meanwhile, came from Cerámica Suro, a family-owned ceramics studio in Guadalajara, Mexico, which has collaborated with the likes of the Haas Brothers and David Adjaye, and where Jiménez was invited to do a residency.