Ian Mwesiga’s (born in 1988, lives and works in Kampala, Uganda) paintings reflect a perpetual ardor, defying perspectives by either replicating or forming his own proportion and composition while preserving an endless level of lyricism and literacy. Noteworthy influences allude to classical painting as well as contemporary practice. Mwesiga's practice is built around inset topography: the psychological world of his figures, and their placement within the architecture. 


In Mwesiga’s world impenetrable access is granted; subjects are rendered like snapshots on the field of memory. Boundaries between the self and the other melts away, leaving intimate impressions between reality and what we want it to become. His art is preserved in mesmerizing nature. Surprising dimensionality springs from the artist’s application of vibrant colors such that ordinary perspective is masterfully skewed. The foreground defines a sense of balance and the backdrop submerges the viewer into an infinite gardenscape.


Ian Mwesiga graduated with a BA in Industrial Fine Art & Design from Makerere University, Uganda in 2014. He has participated in residencies including Asiko Art School in 2015 facilitated by Bisi Silva and CCA Lagos (Nigeria).