Ian Mwesiga
F News Magazine

Nadya Kelly , F Newsmagazine , October 19, 2022
Dreams of Black and Blue: Ian Mwesiga at Mariane Ibrahim
Dance, basketball, and dreams in Ian Mwesiga’s solo debut.
In painter Ian Mwesiga's first solo exhibition 'Theater of Dreams', the artirst adopts a classical-style aesthetic, completed with idealized figures that delivers elegance. The install, displays ten paintings by the Uganda-born artist, and each one features a lush natural landscape, a central character, and intriguing details that soothes the viewer deeper into the paintings like a trail of breadcrumbs. Through his use of Color, Mwesiga infuses his works with emotional depth. Symbols such as pianos, grand and miniature, appear as a recurring in the exhibition, materializing in the middle of a lake in “Ballerina on the Piano”  and in the heart of a rainforest in “Lady Lying on the Piano". Mwesiga’s color palette, along with his mesmerizing dreamscapes, are integral in illustrating the subject's journey...