Soly Cissé

Soly Cissé is a painter and sculptor who introduces creatures both animalistic and human, creating a dream-like setting to reveal a tragic beauty. His paintings emphasize silhouettes and contrasting colors in order to draw attention to the duality between tradition and modernity.

After graduating from the Fine Arts Academy of Dakar in 1996, his rapid progress has enabled him to travel across international borders, making his work – poetic yet wild, in search of freedom – known and appreciated.
He has already achieved international recognition where he has held numerous exhibitions (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, U.S.A), but he has also made his presence felt on an international level, participating in highly prestigious exhibitions, in particular “Africa Remix” at the Centre Pompidou, dedicated to the adventure of a new generation of artists who represent Africa.

 Soly Cisse, 2013, 150x150cm, Courtesy by M.I.A Gallery