Patrick Eugène (b. 1984 in Brooklyn, New York; lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia) is a Haitian American painter creating large scale compositions with a central figure, evoking a stillness that entrances the viewer. These works harness the improvisational energy and emotive depth explored in his abstract period; his signature line-making remaining fluid.  


As a son of Haitian immigrants, Eugène incorporates African diasporic connections between Haiti (the Caribbean), and continental North America within an intuitive practice that connects his work to everyday people. He shares,  "My work speaks to human connectivity using a minimalistic approach to evoke emotion. Much of my work is void of a particular place or setting, hoping to leave a space for the viewer to transcend into a vessel without distraction or instruction." 


As an enthusiastic admirer of abstract expressionist philosophies and forms, Patrick Eugène identified a correlation between the freedom and experimentation of artistic movement and jazz music. Eugène studied the ways in which both forms convey mood and facilitate visceral responses in audiences. The musicality of his paintings engenders very cinematic characters, alive and animated. 

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