Peter Uka (b. 1975, Nigeria; lives and works in Cologne, Germany) devises figurative paintings which draw from his childhood memories of Nigeria. With a classical training in realistic figuration Uka combines various image references of time specific objects with images from his memory to convey innate and timeless human emotion. 


Scenes of growing up in Nigeria, including elements like afro hairstyles and bell-bottom jeans, bright mannerisms, and local customs are captured in vibrant, visual narrative.His compositions also capture international trends from the late 20th century and the ways globalization connects countries around the world. These narratives uncover historical precedents of globalization and dynamic cultural signifiers connecting two countries that Uka calls home, while reminding the rest of the world of collective reciprocity, closeness, and connection. 


Uka completed his studies in 2017 at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf (Germany) and has exhibited at National Museum Onikan (Lagos, Nigeria), Haus der Kunst (Munich, Germany), KunsthausMettman (Germany) and DIDI Museum (Lagos, Nigeria). His work has been shown at the Flag Art Foundation and is included in collections such as the Long Museum. 


Forthcoming solo exhibition at Mariane Ibrahim Paris, Fall 2023.