Peter Uka

Peter Uka (Nigerian, born 1975), is based in Germany, where he completed his studies in 2017 as a Meisterschüler (Master Student) under artists such as Tal R and Eberhard Havekost. At the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf Uka honed his practice of painting realistically with little reliance on photographs, and interim began to introduce abstraction and figuration into his work.


Impeccable in detail, the figures therein exude a veritable self-confidence, irrespective of social demarcations. The mix of compositions capture the international reach of trends from the late 20th century and the ways in which ideas of “home” are enmeshed. Together, these narratives uncover historical precedents of globalization and dynamic cultural signifiers connecting two countries that Uka calls home, while reminding the rest of the world of collective reciprocity, closeness, and connection.