Jean-Claude Moschetti

Jean-Claude Moschetti (b. 1967, France) began his career in the film industry, before working as an independent press photographer. Through his travels, specifically to Africa, Moschetti started a personal project around the theme of traditional West African secret societies. One series from this project, titled “Magic on Earth,” explores the supernatural influences of sacred masks, postures, and costumes that bridge the spiritual and the natural worlds together.


His work is reminiscent of imagery circulated by traders, missionaries, soldiers, and eventually tourists, as the growth of organized travel to ‘foreign’ places emerged as a distinctive part of modernity. However, Moschetti’s photographs go a step further from an educational focus. Instead of specticalizing West African cultures he depicts them in a manner that does not further estrange them from society, but normalizes them, highlights their beauty, and calls attention to their importance within an encompassing world history.


Jean-Claude Moschetti graduated from the prestigious INSAS (Institut National Superieur des Arts du spectacle et des Techniques de diffusion) in Brussels. From 1995, his photographs have been featured in national and international newspapers. Through his travels specially to Africa Moschetti started more personal projects around the theme of traditional West African secret societies. He has exhibited work at the Brooklyn Museum, Ebony Gallery, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and Seattle Art Museum.