Jim Chuchu

Jim Chuchu is an exceptional multi-discilplinary artist living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. His range of work includes films, photography and music. Chuchu directed his first short film, Homecoming and premiered at 2013 Durban International Film followed by screening at Toronto Film Festival, Santa Barbara international Film festival and a few other Film festivals. His photographic series Pagans envision a reconstruction of future-past anonymous African Deities and attempts to reconstruct pre-colonial religious practices in Africa.

Chuchu takes us on other profound and dizzying journeys of psycho-spiritual time travel, spanning distant African pasts and potential African futures. In so doing he remixes the popular reli-gious experience of spirit possession—the penetration of the hu-man body, at times willful, at times unbidden, by the vast, invisible forces of the universe. Spiritual presences are summoned into the body of the novice through dance, music, chanting, masking and other disciplines. The initial experience of possession, many devo-tees explain, is often terrifying, experienced as a kind of dreadful, incapacitating illness or sense of freefall.