Mustapha Azeroual

Mustapha Azeroual (b. 1979, France) is an emerging, self-taught, abstract photographer. A scientist by training, his work is based on observation and experimentation, confronting traditional shooting techniques and prints with the contemporary challenges faced by photography. Combining installation, object and sequence, his works multiply the fields and dimensions of photography.

His series “Résurgences” (2010-2013), employs bichromatic gum, which he confronts in a singular rendering. The ambiguity of this technique, which borrows from the painter’s tool kit, allows for a different type of image. Its development process proves to be a eulogy of slowness in confrontation with “snapshot” of shooting

In 2012 with the support of Françoise Paviot, “Résurgences” was part of the group exhibition L’arbre et photographe at the École Nationale des Beaux Art de Paris (National Fine Art School of Paris). In this period the photographer experiments with a new format creating a digital artifact from colors captured via the photographic chamber at sunrise and the sunset. The artist reduces the landscape to its horizon, a boundary line from which it is configured and it vanishes. The vibrant surface of the lenticular lens reactivates this cycle of light in a color chart so labile that two people side by side can never perceive the same colors.

 Azeroual has exhibited widely with exhibitions at the Centre d’art contemporain in MEYMAC (France), and the Paris-based Photography Biennial of the Arab World coordinated by the Institut du Monde Arabe and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. His most recent project, ELLIOS, resulted in a residency in Oukaïmeden (Morocco).