Sergio Lucena (born in 1963 in Paraíba, Brazil, lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil) creates dreamy and vivid paintings coated in misty pastel tones that create a kind of sheer veil the artist refers to as “paint dust.” Yet, the idea of a light and thin powder is the opposite extreme of what the eye sees in his works consisting of thick layers of paint. It is in the thin delicate layers accumulating that perhaps this perception of residue resides. Of something like dust accumulating slowly, almost invisible to the eye, but capable of covering everything.


Lucena’s large abstract paintings reflect the disenchanted expectations of an artist in introspective contemplation, in a world embedded in ghostly mysticism, the overflowing light emulating the existence of an alter-world. The superposition of colors and geometrical forms highlight the duality of light and dark, proximity and distance, materiality and spirituality.


Lucena has participated in workshops, cultural exchanges and residencies in Berlin (Germany), Washington, D.C. and Denmark with exhibitions in galleries and art institutions in Brazil. In 2012, he won the Mário Pedrosa Prize for 2011 contemporary artist, awarded by the Brazilian Association of Art Critics (ABCA).