Yukimasa Ida (born 1990 Totori, Japan, based in Tokyo) works between abstraction and realism to create paintings infused with nostalgia.


His particular approach of distorting figuration creates a sort of ambiguity and focus on performance. Yet, this distinctive aesthetic is more formal than thematic: his paintings are done in accordance with the rules of shape and color theory. The paints hang from the canvas with a thickness that invites the viewer closer, while the exorbitant complimentary colors mix to project subversive futuristic and wistful moments.


Yukimasa Ida graduated in 2019 with a Masters in Oil Painting from Tokyo University of the Arts. He has exhibited across Japan, and abroad in Europe at spaces including Perrotin Gallery (Paris, France), Fabien Fryns Fine Art (London, U.K.), and Kaikai Kiki Gallery (Tokyo, Japan). Ida won the CAF Special Jury Award (2016), and the Arts in Marunouchi Grand Prix (2015).


Forthcoming solo exhibition with the gallery in Paris in October, 2022.