Yukimasa Ida
La Opinión de Málaga

La Opinión de Málaga , April 27, 2022


Yukimasa Ida reviews works by Picasso in his birthplace


The Japanese artist Yukimasa Ida proposes a review of the works of Pablo Picasso and different versions of the painter from Malaga and his main iconographic themes in the new temporary exhibition of his Birthplace Museum in Malaga. 


The exhibition, which can be visited until October 2, is made up of 43 pieces, mostly canvases, as well as drawings and sculptures, accompanied by four lithographs by Picasso, and is part of the events planned for the third Cultural Week Japanese in Malaga.


In the tour of the exhibition you can see canvases such as Mask (2021), in which the artist faces the enigma of identity through a game, as Picasso already did in the figures represented with masks and the conception of himself same as a multi-faced minotaur. He also reinterprets the portraits of the painter from Malaga (Picasso, 2019) through the photographs that artists like Doisneau took of him throughout his life in which he shows the painter from Malaga in the kitchen of his house in Vallauris. The family ties of the Malaga native are also present in Ida's works, such as the work Untitled (2020), in which you can see a reinterpretation of a photograph by Picasso together with his sister Lola.