Clotilde Jiménez


Mariane Ibrahim is delighted to present Clotilde Jiménez’s newest body of work, THE CONTEST. Marking his first solo show with the gallery. 


THE CONTEST unravels Jiménez’s own queer imagination to physicality. The works grapple with his deeply personal and once estranged relationship with his father, a bodybuilder and boxer. Jiménez adopts the boxer and bodybuilder as motifs, recalling early ideas of the body, specifically the Black male body.

Placed within each ‘pose’ or boxing ring, the large scale boxers and body builders brawl, their positions mighty, next to bronze sculptures of heads with colorful boxing headgear. He finds beauty in the color and sculptural physicality of boxing headgear and the groin protector that transforms the body into something strong, powerful and guarded.


Videographer: Robert Chase Heishman. Courtesy Mariane Ibrahim.