Zohra Opoku
Changing Female Identity

Julia Friedman, Hyperallergic, September 12, 2019

Artist Zohra Opoku seamlessly blends the mediums of textiles and photography to explore the complexities of identity. Opoku, an artist of Ghanaian and German descent, grew up in East Germany and currently lives and works in Ghana’s capital city, Accra. She studied both fashion and photography, and her work explores composites — of mediums, of continents and cultures, of humans and the natural world, and of women’s interior lives and exterior presentations.


In much of her practice, Opoku prints images directly onto textiles using screenprinting and other print techniques. In an interview with Hyperallergic, she described how her process reflects her works’ symbolism: “The material literally absorbs the photographic image, demonstrating how in society material can become imbued with meaning, memories, and histories over time.”