Amoako Boafo
Quotidien de l'art

Rafael Pic , Quotidien de l'Art , June 16, 2022



Three recent exhibitions have featured artists from the same year, in full production at the dawn of their forties.


The Ghanaian Amoako Boafo, installed in Vienna, benefited from his first Parisian (and even European) exhibition in the antenna of Mariane Ibrahim, avenue Matignon. To overcome the Covid and the isolation imposed on all, contact with the outside world ("abonten" for Ghanaians) was achieved through various strategies. For Amoako Boafo himself, this was embodied by tennis and... painting, of course, the two worlds sometimes blending in his bright colors and his portraits on large plain backgrounds. The necessary relationship with the other also materialized in a collaboration with the poetess aja monet.


"Inside Out" Exhibition held from April 28 to June 4  2022, 18 avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris