Clotilde Jiménez
Inside His Mexico City Studio

Katy Donoghue, Whitewall, Février 6, 2020

Mariane Ibrahim presents the work of several artists this week at ZⓈONAMACO, including new paintings from Clotilde Jiménez. The Mexico City-based artist has lately been exploring ideas of masculinity and athleticism in relationship to his own identity as a black queer man.


This spring, he’ll have a solo show at Mariane Ibrahim in Chicago. Whitewaller caught up with Jiménez to learn more about his studio practice in Mexico City.


WHITEWALLER: How did you come to be based in Mexico City?

CLOTILDE JIMÉNEZ: In 2016 I moved to London to begin my MFA program at the Slade School of Fine Art. I lived there for three years, but during that time, Brexit had reared its ugly head and my wife and I had to make a decision—stick around to see how things would turn out, or move to her native country of Mexico and be at peace, have a family, and a better quality of life. So, we are now living here permanently and have not regretted anything.