Yukimasa Ida
Office Magazine

Michael Hall, Office Magazine, Juin 25, 2021

Human connection has been a constant theme in Japanese artist Yukimasa Ida’s work. From painting large pieces that examine the relationship between life and death to sculpting bronze representations of human heads and animals, Ida interrogates the complexities of existence. From June 26 through August 14, 2021, Yukimasa Ida’s solo exhibition, “Here and Now,” at Mariane Ibrahim, marks Ida’s debut show in the U.S.


“Here and Now” is a meditation on Ida’s memories and the moments one has when they connect with someone. With COVID-19 being a challenging year for many with stalled physical connection, Ida has created pieces that speak to the importance of interpersonal relationships. A strong thread that connects Ida’s work is the idiom “ICHI-GO ICHI-E,” which hinges on the idea of cherishing once-in-a-lifetime moments and the cycle of life and death.