Maïmouna Guerresi: Light Bodies

20 Mars - 1 Mai 2015

'Light Bodies' features  a series of photographs and mixed media installations articulated around the luminous and light weighted bodies. Through various medium of expressions, Guerresi explores the idealistic concept of religion and re-interprets its icons.


In 1991, Guerresi travelled to various Muslim African countries. This journey marked her new identify and the direction of her body of work. She adopts the name Maïmouna and focuses on recurring themes about multicultural symbolism and feminine spirituality.


Her search of the 'mystic body' entices her to create a new form of language constituted from traditional iconographic references such as Saints or Virgin Marys. In her "Giant" series, the artist depicts the floating bodies as a metaphor of the soul, constantly blurs the gender of her subjects and marks a white line on their faces to form a balance of body and soul.


Guerresi's work is linked both to Western cultures and Sufi philosophy; her recent works, MEating (meeting+eating) reflect a fusion of cultural and religious influences and present the status of contemporary man and his relationship to society. An almost meditative and contemplative reflection where the protagonists interrelate and seem to expect the spiritual voice that will save humanity.


For over twenty years, Guerresi's poetic work has been about empowering women, bringing together individuals and cultures in an appreciation for a context of shared, humanity beyond psychological, cultural and political borders.