J'ai Deux Amours...
Surface Magazine

RYAN WADDOUPS, Surface Mag, Septiembre 16, 2021

“Paris is re-enchanted and is reconnecting with what it once was culturally, historically, and artistically,” she says. “We see this as an incredible opportunity for our represented artists to be part of the momentum of the global stage and alerts the significant contribution of artists from the African diaspora to the canon—past, present, and future.” - Mariane Ibrahim



The inaugural exhibition, which opens September 18, explores Ibrahim’s mutual love for both the U.S. and France. Titled “J’ai Deux Amours” (“I Have Two Loves”) after Josephine Baker’s signature song about similar themes, the group show sees each participating artist create two never-before-seen works. It’s a timely homage—Baker will be inducted into the French Panthéon, one of France’s highest honors, for her work with the Resistance during World War II. Ibrahim describes the exhibition as “an anthem for love and connectivity, emphasizing diverse cultural backgrounds as being sacred, especially amidst the rise of cultural resistance and the recent health crisis.”