The Apple of My Eye

Clotilde Jiménez | The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, University of Washington

Clotilde Jiménez held a solo show at The Jacob Lawrence Gallery, at the University of Washington. 


November 29 – December 29, 2018


This exhibition shares work by UK-based artist Clotilde Jiménez. It features Jiménez's recent collages and charcoal drawings that use fruit, a traditional symbol alluding to sexuality in Western art history, to explore the constraints of sexual identity in Western culture. Using everyday and texturally rich materials such as wallpaper, images cut from magazines, and plastic bags, the collages bring pointed humor and formal rigor to the representation of the Black, queer, masculine body.


As an artist, Jiménez was inspired by Jacob Lawrence’s use of form and color to tell stories:


Jacob Lawrence was one of the few artists who showed me that it was not only possible to depict my life as a Black person in my own way but that it was also important and needed. Jacob Lawrence’s forms and color palette gave me the courage to look to my own Black American Puerto Rican roots to channel some of that essence into my work while also candidly telling my own story in the time that I live.

Noviembre 29, 2018