Zohra Opoku

 I Have Arisen...Part 2
Upon creating the second part of the series The Myths of Eternal Life, Zohra Opoku guides us through her studio and the streets of Ghana, in preparation for her upcoming Spring 2023 exhibition in the Paris gallery.
In the chapters of The Myths of Eternal Life, Zohra Opoku is a curator of memory, where she makes literal, material. She is interested in stitching the past into the present, such as rendering the contours of a series of carved faces in thread next to a screen-printed, photographed collage of the stone originals so we no longer know which one is artifact or reference.
Extracts from the text by writer Delali Ayivor.
“When I think of fashion, I reflect mostly on identity as a cultural or historical meaning attached; I like textile as a form of storytelling.”
- Zohra  Opoku
Courtesy of Mariane Ibrahim.