Lorraine O'Grady
Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar

Lorraine O'Grady for Harper's Bazaar’s Possibility Issue (April 2024): "The Audacity of Lorraine O'Grady"


"Her first solo show at Mariane Ibrahim, "The Knight, or Lancela Palm-and-Steel," opens April 10 at the gallery's Windy City flagship and will feature a character, the Knight, that was introduced in "Both/And" with a set of "announcement cards" title "Announcement of a New Persona (Performances to Come!).
Lorraine shares, "I always believed. The question was, did anybody else believe?...But I knew I was right."
Story by Soraya Nadia McDonald
Photography by Collier Schorr
Styling by Samira Nasr