Ayana V. Jackson
Explore African Art

Louise Miner & Rasmus Elstner, euronews, June 13, 2019

Explore African art: Contemporary creations reflecting diversity is showcasing strongly in Angola


When anyone thought about African art, it meant woodcuts, masks, and ethnic paintings but 'Contemporary African art' is becoming popular. It's a one-dimensional collective term for more than 50 countries, more than one billion people, tens of thousands of ethnic groups, more than 2000 languages, and dozens of religions.


Africa itself is the second largest continent, and its extensive art world is still a vast space of discovery and development.


Ayana V. Jackson is an American photographer and artist in residence at Luanda. She's become known for her works on African-American identity.


"We're mentally stuck in the idea of Africa as traditional, mentally stuck in Africa as the past, especially with arts right. It wasn't until I went there that I realized that you know, it's in the same web of globalization as anywhere else in the world."