Mariane Ibrahim
The Most Important Young Galleries

Nate Freeman, Artsy, June 10, 2019
With input from collectors, dealers, and fair directors, I rounded up these emerging galleries from three distinct regions: The Americas; Europe and Africa; and Asia and the Middle East. There is some range here—some are less than a year old or have just started to show at small satellite fairs; others have been around for a decade and have shown at one of the three Art Basel fairs—but all of these outfits share similar qualities. They have been started by former directors at larger shops; a trader at Goldman Sachs; critics who pivoted from reviewing shows to making them; and artists who converted studios to white cubes. These galleries bottle the energy of their distinct scenes and have founders ambitious enough to take their programs onto the global circuit.
Mariane Ibrahim was raised in Somalia, and she’s used her connection to the continent to strengthen relationships with a crew of African artists who might not have received much exposure in the United States. While she’s brought Mariane Ibrahim Gallery to a number of fairs around the world—including ZONAMACO, Untitled San Francisco, and Frieze New York—she’s been based in Seattle, a city not particularly known for its African art scene. But earlier this year, Ibrahim announced she’d be making a move to Chicago, allowing her to insert herself into the city’s circuit of galleries.