Florine Démosthène
At The Armory, Colossal Displays

Martha Schwendener, New York Times, March 6, 2019

The 2019 presentation for the Armory Show of a solo booth by artist Florine Démosthène was featured in The New York Times' highlights for the fair. 


An excerpt: 

"You cannot miss the bright green booth of Mariane Ibrahim, a Seattle — and soon to be Chicago — art dealer who is showcasing the work of the Haitian‐American artist Florine Demosthene. Ms. Demosthene’s flat figurative works are mysterious in their construction, which is part of their allure. Painted, stained, printed or drawn, the people and situations she suggests, are not unlike those of Wangechi Mutu or Tschabalala Self. Like those artists, the shape‐shifting nature of portraiture becomes a metaphor for changing or erroneous representations of people, and particularly women, from the African diaspora."