Shannon T. Lewis
Fraeulein Magazine

Fraeulein Magazine , February 1, 2021

Berlin based artist Shannon T. Lewis was invited to write the prologue for Fraulein Magazine and relays, "For the trajectory of my work: The construction of race went hand in hand with Imperial Eurorpean expansion, the demand for sugar and the first giant shift in economics, class and political power in England of the planter class. In a general sense, to truly have useful dialogue, it’s necessary to make sure we all are speaking of the same thing. Through this, we can develop a broader shared understanding of histories, how they are all entangled and how words and images came to signify what they do. By hearing new narratives of how we came to this moment in civilization, we expand the possibilities for whom we can generate empathy. Beyond hearing what someone is saying in the present, it’s important to develop the practice of thinking about what trajectory brought them to this moment. What are all the obscured structures that motivate peoples’ desires?..."