Shannon T. Lewis
Galerie Magazine

Lucy Rees, Galerie Magazine, June 29, 2021

Shannon T. Lewis was selected as an Artist to Watch in the Summer 2021 Issue of Galerie Magazine. 


T. Lewis, whose vivid, expansive paintings feature Black female forms that drift in and out of luxurious yet eerie architectural spaces. Fragmented limbs and obscured faces are exactingly configured within furnishings, forming a fleeting, surreal dreamscape that feels as though it could all change in an instant.


An artist of Caribbean descent, Lewis draws on her personal experience living in Canada and London; now based in Berlin, she creates ethereal works that shine a light on topics of culture, class, and body politics, as well as marginalized identities. “As an immigrant, you learn that the performance of everyday life is at the forefront,” she says. “Every environment you live in gives you a different perspective on the world, and how you are read in these spaces changes each time.”