Mariane Ibrahim Announces Director of Mexico City

Paulina Torres
Mariane Ibrahim is pleased to announce Paulina Torres as Director of the Mexico City gallery. The new gallery Director will run Mariane Ibrahim’s third location and will further evolve the gallery’s presence in North and South America and will focus on institutional engagement.
“I am thrilled to join Mariane and the team at this important moment in the gallery’s history and to contribute to the expansion of the stimulating program. Mexico City is culturally rich and inspiring, with many layers of history and diversity; shaping many possibilities for new collaborations, dialogues, and connections that the gallery can forge. It is a privilege to support Mariane’s long-term vision, and to support the artists realize their projects within this new context.” - Paulina Torres
Originally from Chile, Paulina Torres has been based in Mexico City since 2016. Prior, she lived in London for five years and received her undergraduate at University of the Arts London, in Interior and Spatial Design, followed by a postgraduate degree at King's College London in Creative and Cultural Studies.

Previously head of the art and travel department at Liaisons, a company dedicated to museums and other non-profit institutions globally, Torres worked closely with philanthropists and cultural leaders generating cross-cultural dialogues and networks through unique travel programs.

Paulina Torres has also coordinated and supported brands and financial institutions’ cultural programs and initiatives.
March 14, 2023