Being In the World - The Tenth Anniversary of the Long Museum

Peter Uka I Long Museum

In honor of celebrating their tenth anniversary, the Long Museum's exhibition entitled Being in the World coincides with a time when we have been unable to be in the world, resulting of the Covid pandemic. This exhibition (on view from November 13, 2022, to February 5th, 2023) is founded in response to our yearning for social encounters and being in the world - all through the prism of the artist's eye. Over a journey of four episodes, each themed after one artist's work, the exhibition dominates in human figures in these installations enveloping artists' portraits, family albums, strangers in surreal scenarios, and groups gathered in social activities, arising from some of today's most admired visual artists among which Peter Uka, Theaster Gates and Tracey Emin. 


November 11, 2022