Mariane Ibrahim to Represent Yukimasa Ida

Yukimasa Ida I Representation

Mariane Ibrahim is pleased to announce global representation of Japanese artist Yukimasa Ida. The artist presented his first exhibition with the gallery and his first show in the United States in 2021 entitled, Here and Now. His work will be a part of the upcoming edition of The Armory Show on view this week from September 9 - 12 in New York City and the gallery’s inaugural exhibition in its new space in Paris, opening September 18.

Balancing abstraction and realism, his paintings and bronze sculptures invite the viewer into the daily world of disarray, amusement or serene reflection. With substantial hands, the artist employs sweeping strokes of thick oil paint to communicate the changeable, seemingly limitless range of emotion. The paints velvety luminance creates a tactile sensation which gives the viewer the impression that it was just applied to the canvas. Developing an array of complex processes to achieve a seemingly effortless façade, his highly expressive work engages both maximalist and minimalist discourse.

“This relationship marks the gallery’s first with an Asian artist, and I am honored it is with an artist of his stature. His work signifies a thread between other practices in our program. I am delighted to welcome him to our roster of artists and am enthusiastic to see how his ability to blend abstraction and figuration will complement the gallery’s vision.”

The artist’s main concept is “ICHI-GO ICHI-E," an idiom that is beyond translation, which describes the act of treasuring the expression and unrepeatable nature of a moment. He reminds us to embrace the beauty of each passing moment before it slips away, allowing us to pay respect and to cherish what is commonly disregarded as monotonous.

Yukimasa Ida states, “I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Mariane Ibrahim. As you all are already aware, Mariane's passion for art is beyond incredible. I'm honored to be able to share my vision with her and her team. This partnership will surely help us make the world a more beautiful and exciting place, through art.”

September 7, 2021