Mariane Ibrahim
W Magazine

Arthur Lubow, W Magazine, Décembre 3, 2020

A Vision and a Mission


What an honor to be featured in W Magazine's Volume 4: The New Originals Issue alongside many brilliant minds and visionaries.


"A Vision and a Mission: The Chicago- based gallerist Mariane Ibrahim is bringing African art to the world and not a moment too soon. " written by Arthur Lubow.


Kind words including,“To choose Mariane was to choose somebody who could understand the debates I play with and the references I choose, someone who is aware of the history. She is on the same page as me. We share articles, books, videos. It’s an ongoing discussion. It is a way to nourish the work.” For his forthcoming exhibition, she provided advice without intruding too much. “She really let me do what I wanted,” he says. “She’s like, It’s your playground; enjoy, do great things.” - Raphaël Barontini


“We’re dealing with the complexities and dynamics of the Black experience, asking similar questions but in distinct ways,” Jackson said. “We’re springing from the same root, but we’re very different flowers.” “There are things she picks up on in my work that she understands implicitly as a Black woman,” Jackson said. “She understands that some of my work comes out of my being an African-American woman who also lives in Africa. I have two legs and an arm on three continents, and she can appreciate that, because she does too.” - Ayana V. Jackson