ruby onyinyechi amanze & M. Florine Démosthène

Bonnie Langedijk, HURS, Juin 22, 2022

Artists M. Florine Démosthène and ruby onyinyechi amanze were freshly featured in HURS-OFFICIAL, discussing Works on paper. The women have more than one thing in common. The two artists are both represented by French-Somali gallerist Mariane Ibrahim. The gallery spotlights artists of the African Diaspora, which has recently opened a location in Paris next to its Chicago-based gallery. Secondly, both women work on paper. Through their conversation, amanze and Démosthène quickly found out their commonalities didn’t stop there, as they discussed sexism in the art world, their experiences working in Nigeria and Ghana, and the need for a re-evaluation of the value of paper. 


Démosthène and amanze lift part of the curtain many enjoy hiding behind. And they do it better than we ever could...