Unraveled Threads

Zohra Opoku
Zohra Opoku, 2018-2019
Unraveled Threads: Zohra Opoku
Publisher: Mariane Ibrahim
Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.5 in, 26 x 19 cm
Pages: 64
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This is a limited edition book to complete Zohra Opoku's series, Unraveled Threads, which explores her past, and examines textile culture in its formation of personal identities. Her practice is centered around the rich cultures of textile and design, which have been an inherent part of West African identity throughout Ghana's layered history. 


Each a hand signed special edition of 100. The publication is open back binding and each include a pressed dried leaf from Zohra's garden. The book is accompanied by a sleeve made from hand-stitched screen prints.