Shannon T Lewis | Elephant Magazine

Elephant Magazine, Junio 20, 2022

In a recently featured article of Elephant magzine, Shannon T Lewis takes five minutes out of her day to answer a few questions. 


The artist creates magnificent paintings from sketches and collaged magazine clippings. The piceces present fratured worlds, with human bodies slicing through interiors splashed with warm sunlight or drapped peacefully across gilded wall mouldings. The mood in her works is calm and languid. She often features the Black female body as “lush and in service to herself”.


Lewis’ solo show, The Softness of Much Handled Things, is currently showing at Mariane Ibrahim in Chicago. She notes the rough handling of people in the height of the pandemic (especially those who feature heavily in her work) and the swift pace and pressure of life before. These new works suggest the possibility of a slower, more considered existence on the other side...