Yukimasa Ida
Plus Magazine

Jae Kim, Plus Magazine , Junio 1, 2022

Plus Magazine features Yukimasa Ida in it's Spring/Summer issue on CHANGE, Future We Hold, alongside renowned artists such as John Akomfrah and Louise Bourgeois. IDA delivers past in the present moment, and discusses the key customs of his practice, and shares,


"Every time I grab my brush, I feel alive, and it allows me to have a dialogue with my work.”

Photography by Tak Sugita


For Japanese artist Yukimasa Ida, the proverb Ichi-go Ichi-e which translates to "once in a lifetime", has been a constant theme throughout his artistic carreer. In Plus Magazine's newly featured article, Yukimasa Ida discusses the key customs of his practice. Drawn to the complexities of human connection and the relationship between life and death, Ida examines existence through crystallized portraits. 

His early memories infuse a sense of nostalgia in his work, which ranges from abstraction to realism. The inspiration for Ida’s art often stems from people and landscapes he encounters in foreign countries—or even from plants and discarded cans he finds while walking around his studio’s neighborhood. He is interested not in specific circumstances or objects but rather in the potential for everyday life to become a source of creativity. Interestingly enough, he trained himself to draw quickly at a young age...