Mariane Ibrahim to Open in Mexico City

We are delighted to announce the opening of our third location, in Mexico City in February 2023.
For years, the gallery has had a special connection to Mexico City; zeal about the culture and burgeoning art scene, as well as local collectors being pivotal in the support of the gallery. From the founding, we have been adamant about forging new beginnings. This is a testament to the continuity of such, to further support our artist careers while offering new possibilities for curatorial projects.
2022 marked Mariane Ibrahim’s tenth year of operation, which celebrated the gallery’s dedication to artists of the African Diaspora and beyond. The consistent vision of the program has not subsided over the past decade, the endeavor to cultivate artists of diverse backgrounds who share the same intellect worldwide has only strengthened.
The late 19th century marquee building on Río Pánuco (spanning over 1,000 square meters and two floors), is coincidently inspired by classic Haussmann French architecture, located in Cuauhtémoc, a central neighborhood connecting San Rafael, Juárez, Condesa and Roma.
“There is no other city like Mexico City in the Americas that brings together the ancient, cultural, and contemporary. The result of this combination, of tradition and modernity, offers all ingredients an artist needs, a platform for creativity. The Mexico City art scene has been bursting, this extension is complementary to our existing platforms, Chicago and Paris, more so to create a proximity with the Hispanic descent creatives,” shares Mariane Ibrahim.
Mexico City has long inspired many of our artists, including Clotilde Jiménez, who has lived and worked in the city for the past five years. A dedicated solo exhibition of his work will inaugurate the gallery, coinciding with a group show featuring a curated selection of gallery program artists and will be presented during ZONAMACO (early February 2023).

The capital hosts a myriad of institutions, curators, collectors, established and emerging international galleries, which will align with our emphasis on diversity. There is a vibrancy present, and a blossoming yet historic Mexican art scene which has been notorious for its bold avant-garde and experimental culture.
Noviembre 24, 2022