Unseen Amsterdam: Zohra Opoku

Westergas Klönneplein, 1014 DD Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 19 - 22 September 2019

Woven Matters was special exhibition in collaboration with Unseen Amsterdam, featuring Zohra Opoku's works for the 2019 edition of Unseen Amsterdam.


"This year at Unseen Amsterdam, we collaborated with LagosPhoto on a series of talks to be held in the Living Room – the home of our annual speakers programme. The result was a number of panel discussions, including Family Backgrounds – Archives, Documentation, and Continuity, which focused on artistic practices that use personal family archives and stories as a driving narrative force. Zohra Opoku’s multimedia work immediately came to mind. Created by screenprinting and using alternative photographic processes on textiles and garments, these pieces examine belonging, heritage, and finding a place between cultures."