Lina Iris Viktor
On Breaking the Rules

Jessie Thompson, Evening Standard, September 11, 2019

"Just outside the room where I’m speaking to British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor, an entire new world is being created. It’s one of sumptuous black, tranquil blue and 24-karat gold, sprung from Viktor’s imagination: the installation of her first major UK exhibition, Some Are Born To Endless Night — Dark Matter.  


With 60 works, it’s the biggest show east London photography gallery Autograph has yet mounted, and its two floors evoke very different sensations. “There’s the more hectic, rich, lush version downstairs and then one that’s more contemplative and meditative,” Viktor tells me. The New York-based artist talks fast — and, I suspect, thinks even faster. Formidably intelligent (when I ask about her influences, maths, science, architecture, engineering and astrophysics are the first things she says), in conversation she switches between zen-like sagacity and wide-eyed delight."