Some Are Born To Endless Night: Dark Matter

Lina Iris Viktor | Autograph ABP

Lina Iris Viktor's solo exhibition, Som Are Born To Endless Night: Dark Matter opened in September 2019 at Autograph, London:


"Become immersed in deep lustres of black punctuated with luminous 24-karat gold and opulent ultramarine blue hues in Lina Iris Viktor’s singular artistic universe. 

Her photography, painting and sculptural installations are infused with cultural histories of the global African diaspora and preoccupied with multifaceted notions of blackness: as colour, as material and as socio-political consciousness. To Viktor, black is the proverbial materia prima: the source, the dark matter that birthed everything.

This is the British-Liberian artist’s first major solo exhibition in the UK, with more than 60 works on display in two galleries, many seen for the first time."

Août 6, 2019