Jerrell Gibbs
Galerie Magazine

Kendra Walker, Galerie Magazine, September 21, 2021

“The mundane is valuable because these are our stories,” says Baltimore artist Jerrell Gibbs, whose figurative paintings are rooted in his upbringing, family, and community—narratives that are often overlooked by mainstream media.


Employing predominantly oil paint, Gibbs applies loose brushstrokes and harmonic color palettes to conjure moments and memories of his childhood experience. Using the subjects in his paintings as an extension of himself, the artist guides the viewer into his past, gently revealing parts of his life. “When I look at the pictures in photo albums or think about conversations that I’ve had with family and friends, I’m thinking about the stories that are left out,” says Gibbs.


In his newest series, “Sounds of Color,” which will are being exhibited at Mariane Ibrahim’s Chicago gallery through October 22, Gibbs considers the role music has in his life and the voices of the people his art represents.