Wayne Levin

Born in Los Angeles in 1945, Wayne Levin was initiated to photography when his father gave him a Brownie camera, and a little kit to develop his own film, for his 12th birthdays. His interest in travel and photography led him to take a year and a half trip around the world. Wayne sailed through the South Pacific and traveled over land through Asia and Europe. Wayne graduated with a BFA in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1979 and the following year attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York. In 1986 Wayne started the photography program at La Pietra, Hawaii School for Girls, where he taught as an artist-in-residence for a year. He received an Ohio Arts Council artist-in-residence at the Dayton Art Institute for two years in 1987.

Wayne’s photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally at galleries and museums.

In recent years Wayne has continued to focus on depicting the underwater world in black and white. He has photographed sea life, surfers, canoe paddlers, free divers, swimmers, shipwrecks, seascapes and aquariums. In short, he has attempted to depict as many aspects of the ocean as possible within the boundaries of the black and white genre.

Circling Akule, 200 SC-214